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Shabbat Shalom

Another great week and and even better weekend.

Marine and are doing very well, but it when I changed my relationship status to in relationship that means wedding bells in Armenia and it caused her some problems. I have changed my status back to divorced and that helped lessen the pressure to "set a date" !!! So the pressure is off and we can develop a good relationship without having to answer that question from her friends. Missed that cross cultural cue..

Anyway, have a big shabbat dinner group tonight and then tomorrow after Advanced language class we are all going over to the Vanadzor Orphanage to do some contra dancing led by my friend Lorrie Wilkes. On Sunday Edgar the leader of Peace Dialogue and I are going over to the Dilijan campus of the United World COlleges to give a talk on the history of human rights in Armenia and then a couple more meetings to tlak about other projects.

I am BUSY.. which is good.

So back to cooking – wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom.

Miss and love you


Shabbat Shalom

I am doing great. I am doing this as I unpack from a trip to Yerevan and waiting to go Georgia with my friends Heghine, her mom and sister as well as my PC friend Bryan Jacobs. I am really excited since Heghine has been reading torah and wants to spend the three hour ride talking about what she is learning. Should be fun.

I just finished a two day training with Peace Corps and will be presenting a section on strategic planning for the new volunteers who are coming in a few weeks.

Well almost time to be picked up.

Love you , miss you and Shabbat Shalom.


Shabbat Shalom – I am fine just crazy busy

The pace of life is accelerating and probably will until I head home in October, so please excuse me if there are weeks that I do not get a chance to write.

Frankfurt was interesting but too quick a visit to get a real good imprssion except, the trains not only ran on time, but they were clean, quiet, and oh, you buy a ticket but no one checks. Of course if you are caught without a ticket they fine you 60 euros – not excuses, if you don’t have the funds they will escort you to the nearest ATM, everybody pays.

I got to meet with the Chapters Presidents of SOAR form all around the golobe, Brussels, London, Berlin, Geneva, Barcelona, Milan etc. Very good people doing good work, I am fortunate to be involved with them here in Vanadzor.

Work is fine with year two of Reach High and Touch the Stars tutoring progrm is starting up soon. Thanks to a new PCV here in Vanadzor they kids were evaluated and we now have a benchmarks from which to measure their future progress. Thanks go out to all of you help raise the funds for this.

Shabbat Shalom