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Shabbat Shalom – what a week

So here I am in Vanadzor Armenia being a Peace Corps guy and learning to be alone when I am not working because the Host Country Nationals tend not to go out at night. And then what happens well, you guessed it I met an incredible woman and I am no longer lonely because we Skype every night and talk about our kids and how to make Armenia a better country for her kids and their kids and the next thing you know, I am in a relationship.. Her name is Marine Sahakyan and she lives only eight hours away in a town called Kapan. She works at the National Institute of Education as well as teaching English to many many students in Kapan. She has two daughters one 16 and one 19. She is generous, smart, kind, pretty and speaks wonderful English..I am a happy boy..

In addition to this, I just found out that my niece Jenna Rose is getting married in late October and so I will move the date of my COS – Close of Service up a month and be home around mid October instead of mid November as previously planned.

It will be great to be home and see everyone.

In the meantime, my great Peace Corps adventure continues.

Wishing you well,

Shabbat Shalom

A great two weeks

I was a trainer for something called PDM, Program Design Management and it was great fun. I got to help New Peace Corps and their counterparts learn how to come up with and then put together a project according to the PC model. We had a great group and come up with some wonderful ideas that they can take back to their individual villages,and of course I got to do a little dramatic facilitation…

This week the weather broke here and the snow is beginning to melt. It is now getting up in to the high thirties low forties during the days, but it is still in the teens during the nights. I can finally hang my laundry outside to dry. Hurrah!!

Work is progressing and I am going to Frankfurt Germany for a few days for my work at the orphanage,it is the International Convention and I am representing the Vanadzor Board of Directors. I wil report on it when I come back. It is in two weeks.

Other than that the big news is that my new site mate Bryan Jacobs is really integrating into the community and is proving to be a big help. He is really wonderful with the really smart young kids who are find my laid back style a little to casual for them.

I do have a favor to ask, please support the Reach High and touch the Stars program. I am working on more permanent funding but in the meantime your donations are the only way it can continue. I have included the link below but if you do not want to donate online you can send a check to sister Debby Sayre, at 24 Western Ave, Natick MA 01760, made out to me and she will deposit it and I can give it to Heghine here in Armenia.

Shabbat Shalom and thanks