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Shabbat Shalom and

a Merry Christmas to all of you celebrate.

At this time of the year my mind turns to thoughts of the past and the imminent new beginning that comes on January 1, 2016. Oh how the time flies. I will have been here for 16 plus months and the end of my service is approaching quickly. Thoughts of spending Thanksgiving, Hannukah and the New Year with you next year fills my head. It is true what they say, the only real difficult part of this whole experience is the loneliness that comes from being away from dear friends and family. But I must thank you all for your willingness to be my touchstones back in the good old USA.

This time of year
When the end of one year brings the beginning of another
When days again grow long
And fond memories of the past, Help us all to move on.

This time of year when friends are near (at least in our hearts)
This time of year when the calendar turns and for renewal we often yearn

At this time of year, I hold you most dear
At this time of year your stories I long to hear

At this of year

Love and miss you