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My Great Peace Corps Adventure Part 4

My Great Peace Corps Adventure Part 4

A quiet week in Vanadzor

It was a nice quiet week here in Vanadzor. Although I did get to go hiking with my new friend Arman and a number of his friends and we had a visitor to Peace Dialogue from zivik (Civil Conflict Resolution) programme of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) with means from the German Federal Foreign Office, who is major funder of one of or programs called ARENA. Her name was Helga and I got to be included in the discussions about the programs and the organization since she spoke in English.

I am not cooking Shabbat dinner as I am going to my friend Hovannes house for dinner with him and his family. They are not Jewish but love Shabbat and we say the blessings over the wine and the bread and light shabbat candles. We will also talk about the Parsha since he is totatly engrossed in learning both biblical and modern Hebrew so he can translate the torah and other Jewish material into various languages around the world.

Good yontief to you all.