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My Great Peace Corps Adventure – Video Blog three

On August 24, 2015 it will exactly one year since I started this great adventure. In that time I have experienced so many great people and learned so much. This short video blog will give you a taste of that. The people and the beauty of Armenia are very welcoming and give me great comfort on this adventure. My work is both rewarding and fulfilling. I hope you enjoy this blog and invite you to be part of my weekly Shabbat Shalom email list if you. I will only include you if you send me an email. Enjoy the video and if it is appropriate consider the Peace Corps as your next chapter..


My Great Peace Corps Adventure # 3

Shabat Shalom the adventure continues

The adventure continues. So one of my friends, said so I have a friend who is Armenian and he is coming to Yerevan, maybe you should meet up with him. Well, I did and what a great meeting it was, Fascinating guy and it turns out not only does he know Kyra and Judy (Max’s wife and mother in law) but he loves big brother Ben, what a small world. On the lest’s change the world side it wasn’t bad either. He had met with the President of Armenia the day before we met and after our meeting he was off to see the US Ambassador to Armenia, never bad to know someone who has those type of connections.

Other than that the week at work was pretty quiet for me, but not for the office. They are planning a number of workshops in the coming weeks and are “involved” in the protests that are taking place around the government raising electricity rates. On this subject, it is a very hopeful sign that the protesters are focused and disciplined. There is a strong sense that the increase is due to mismanagement and corruption since there have been other increases and service is still rather unpredictable. I am not going into too much detail but, one of the goals we have is to “help build a more active and involved civil society”. And yes, i am safe and not going near the protests let alone the water cannons.

I am making dinner for m friend Leslie Ann who is leaving here after her two years. She has been a great fiend and I will miss her.

The projects are all moving along nicely and I will be updating them as they progress.

Lastly, the next video blag is in its final stage of development. You should have it in your email before the end of the month….

Shabbat Shalom

In Tzachador this evening

Shabbat Shalom

I recently became the President of the Vanadzor chapter of SOAR – Society for Orphaned Aremenian Relief and so today I have come to meet with others in the world of Armenian orphanages to learn more about how we can improve the conditions of the children here. It is the first time I am meeting the head of the organization George Yacobian. By the way for those of you who have Armenia friends I am sure they know of this organization.

The week was great as my work and my life here grows deeper and more meaningful all the time. People from throughout the community have begun to approach me for help with applications and other, projects they need done in Eglish. Most of them are interesting and so I am busy , which I really like.

The first series of English clubs is coming to an end but plans are already underway for three different classes I the fall. For those who are wondering, I only teach conversational English, no grammar and no spelling.

The most exciting news for me though is that I will be coming home to visit, now isn’t that a weird thought, for ten days starting August 1 – 10. Hopefully I will be able to see many of you.

Well they are calling me for dinner. NO Shabbt dinner here, I will be eating with the nuns. CBy the way, word of my dinners is spreading and people I hardly know have begun to mention that they heard of them – that means more people to explain Judaism too – how cool is that. And they always bring wine,

Until next week.

A nice week

No big news this week. Life just keeps rolling along and new people keep coming into my life. What else can a guy ask for.

Shabbat Shalom