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Chapter two of my GREAT Peace Corps Adventure – Settling in

So new language, new community, new daily routine, and now a new place to call home. Lots of changes, most surprising is that with all of these changes the time moves along very very quickly. I am really enjoying my work and finding it both satisfying and fulfilling. One really strange difference is being an older men in this socieity that values age and men (a little too much I fear) to be very enjoyable. I am called by many papik jan – dear grandfather. Of course I am one of very few men here in Vanadzor who visibly work at my age which may account for some of the deference. Either way my being here seems to be appreciated and as they all say, respected.

The attached video is the second chapter of the story….can’t wait to see how it all unfolds..


Things still getting better

I working on editing a great report on the attitudes of young Armenians that I will share once it is done. BUT most importantly my new electric oven works and I made roast chicken, potatoes etc for a wonderful Shabbat with my friend Narine and her daughter Ani…

That is about it except for chapter two of Great Peace Corps Adventure video blog SMG Video Blog March 2015v2

Shabbat Shalom

It finally happened

I celebrated Shabbat at my home with friends..It took a long time, but Shabbat number 1 in Vanadzor happened and I am tired but happy. And since there is no oven yet there was no challah or roasted chicken but the chicken soup was a hit and my guests all learned a little bit more about the Sabbath..

Shabbat Shalom