Coming Home – All is well

How does the old saying go, the more things change the more they remain the same? Well it is true. On July 5, I will once again have the title of Executive Director for a synagogue in the Greater Boston area. (Sorry I can not tell you which one yet) This time it will be TED – Temporary Executive Director. I used to use IED – interim – but that acronym has gotten some bad connotations.

Anyway, I was approached several weeks ago about filling a position on a temporary basis, while a broader search could be conducted for a permanent ED. Well, you see this is the exact position I had hoped would be in my future when I came back from the Peace Corps. A temporary job helping a community in a period of transition. It also dealt with my never ending issue of being bored with positions. It seems I like change – and not same.

Th only issue was the timing. My Peace Corps service did not officially end until November 15 and they needed me sooner. Dilemma! Perfect job and next chapter – or finish my two years of service. NOTE: I left in August of 201, but the first three months were PreService Training. Obviously, I decided to take the position and so on Monday I will leave Vanadzor and all the friends I have made here, travel to Yerevan to spend a few days with Marine (more on that at another time) and then be back in the good old USA around July 1.

I will be moving back to T Street and am looking forward to being at the first Shabbat dinner at Temple Israel of Nantasket on July 1 and at the Fourth of July parade in Natick. AND SEEING YOU ALL – as the next chapter begins – coming home again.

Love you and most of all thank you. Your friendship has given me the support I have needed to do this great Peace Corps Adventure.

I look forward to catching up in person.

Shabbat Shalom