Summer is here but

I still rains almost everyday. Oh well.

Other than the weather things are going along very well. Programs are moving along although attendance has dropped off in my English Clubs a little, but they are still coming.

My site mate Bryan Jacobs has created another English Club that watches movies in English and discusses them, good fun and great discussions. Speaking of discussions, it is such a rewarding experience to hear my students actively participate in our club discussions. Just the other day we were discussing prejudice, discrimination and diversity and they not only got the concepts but were able to relate them to their own experiences here in Armenia. Good stuff.

More good stuff is that Richard Mills, US Ambassador to Armenia, will be coming to Vanadzor to meet up with the Peace Corps Volunteers here as well as having a meeting with Edgar the Director of Peace Dialogue, the NGO I work at. The topic will be our work on Human Rights. A nice honor.

So Shabbat dinner to night with friends Charlie Forbus and Boris Brooke, two other senior volunteers.

Shabbat Shalom