A couple of great weeks

Last Friday I was at the Annual SOAR conference here in Armenia where we got an update from President George Yacoubian. This is still one of my most rewarding activities. Today in fact, I spent the morning at the Vanadzor Orphanage with George and others discussing the plans for next year and then together we went to another organization called Orran which works with disadvantaged children. It is just so amazing to have the opportunity to be involved in helping to make these organizations stronger and possibly even help them build a new symbiotic collaboration.

This week I also got to meet Oleg who will take my place at Peace Dialogue when I leave in October. He is a very cool guy with over 30 years of experience working with the UN. Also, he is 70 years old and will be a good friend I feel during our overlap period from June to October.

My English Clubs are moving along and I find that I am really enjoying the opportunity to teach. Because everything is moving along so nicely, I decided to actually add another English Club, so now I teach four classes. Who knows maybe this is something I will continue to do when I come home.

Shabbat Shalom to you,